Webinar Recording

In case you missed it, here’s your chance to listen in on the discussion on all things menopause, careers and work.
A special thank you to our wonderful hosts and panel, for an affirming and inspiring conversation

Women over 50 are now the fastest growing group in the workforce, with many reaching the pinnacle of their careers when menopause hits; it’s time to talk more about how we can embrace the inevitable and be inspired to get the support we need and want in our working lives.

Our hosts Trish and Lorraine will engage in discussion with Dr Nadira Awal and Helen Tomlinson, assessing the impacts of menopause and advice for women navigating career changes and the workplace during this tricky time.

Background to the event:
Embrace the change is an interactive webinar event, targeted at women in midlife who are pre, peri and post-menopausal. By taking a holistic approach to life’s events which specifically impact women in midlife, we aim to inspire our audience to see successful career change as a possibility during this life stage.”

Topics of discussion:

  • Health: Body, mind & hormones and the impact of these changes on everyday functioning.
  • Employers: Menopause support and menopause work pledge.
  • Making and preparing for career changes, advice/ guidance and considerations to make.
  • Where women can get help and support