Longevity Leadership Program

The world is reshaping demographically. So are the expectations and needs of your customers – and talent. All are ageing – fast. Half the babies born today may live to 100. What does this mean for your business and your career?

In an era of longevity, where demographic pyramids around the world are morphing into generationally-balanced squares, we need to rethink the way that we live, work and lead. This one-week program builds awareness of the multi-faceted and cross-functional impacts of the new longevity and its impacts on companies, customers, careers – and you.

It takes place in Lisbon, from June 17th for 5 days, from young digital nomads to international retirees reinventing their lives and projects. Become longevity-ready in one of the world’s leading longevity cities. 

Sign up by May 10th to avoid missing out. To find out more, click here