Brave Starts CIC

Brave Starts

“No one is an island. We can achieve so much more together as a group than we can individually. Being part of this campaign is one of our proudest moments and I’m hopeful of what we can achieve together”

Lucy Standing, Brave Starts Co-founder

Brave Starts is a community of job seekers, career changers and professionals seeking fulfilment, typically aged 45-75. We help our members figure out their next steps using practical, no nonsense methods built on proven research. community is membership based. They have a real bent and focus on skilling people up and supporting their needs as they get older (50+). They believe that the world is not set up to handle or manage career development and support at this stage of life, so they help their members to take the lead. Brave Starts run several events and meetings a month and you can connect with peers via their membership directory.

Being a non-profit, they have no need to sell. They provide a monthly overview of what is happening in the market whether it is interesting articles, employers, other service providers, volunteer vacancies, opportunities to upskill and more.

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Brave Starts Basic Level
Their basic membership costs £30 a year. For this they provide access to our mini workbook series, run several monthly events and meetings where you can connect with other members via the directory.

Brave Starts Explorer
This programme costs £495. For this, they take people typically 45+ who are looking for more fulfilment but who aren’t sure what to do next. Brave Starts take them through a 3-4 month programme, which is a mixture of e-learning and workshops in small peer groups. Members are taken through the steps which include brainstorming, connecting them to people who can provide insight into different roles. Every person is unique: for some the practical support might be helping them build a website, for others it might be helping them find work experience in a new sector.